Artistic Lines from Joan Justis February 2013 Watercolor Crayons

Artistic Lines

from Joan Justis

February 2013

Welcome to the second edition of my newsletter. I created a series of Bear Lake, Utah paintings portraying the lake in each of it’s four seasons. My favorite is the winter scene with the clouds hovering over the water and the snowy mountain descending to the lake. They are 6″ x 9″ and can be framed in many creative ways. They are available on my website page: and giclee prints can be purchased on the product page.

I have discovered a versatile method of plein aire painting that can easily go on picnics, hikes, and camping trips. You can even use it in a blizzard! Clip small sheets of watercolor paper on a clipboard. Bring along a set of aquarelle crayons, a small cup for water and a paintbrush (I used a round size 6.) Using the crayons sketch your drawing leaving white paper showing and using light colors where the sun is shining. Shade in darker, colorful shadows. Know that the violet overwhelms the drawing when you add the water to the paper. Then daub on the water where you want the colors to flow and blend. So easy and clean and bright. Enjoy!

Amazon sells sets of Caran D’Ache Neocolor II (made in Switzerland). This is what I use.

Daniel Smith has their own watercolor sticks on sale in their Spring catalog in 51 colors!

Aquarelle of Mountain Maples 6″ x 9″ ©2012 Joan Justis-All rights reserved.

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