Winter Snow Paintings

Artistic Lines
from Joan Justis
January 2017
Instagram: joanjustisstudios

Libby Creek Joan Justis

Snowy Range, Laramie about 1985Paintings filled with tinted snow provide artists with many moods to color—orange with the setting sun, yellow with purple afternoon shadows, varied grays with blowing and drifting flakes, and blue with icy streams.
Snowy landscapes always bring to my mind the paintings of John F. Carlson (1875-1947)
He was a master of aerial perspective using “changes and gradations of color distinctness and hue” to show changes of space.
One of my favorites is Spring Flood. Notice how the changes in the color create foreground, middle ground, and deep background.March Floods John F. Carlson
His book Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting 1929 is a must for anyone studying the painting of nature.  “In landscape painting the thing that is of importance to artistic expression is the ‘landscape sense’, a sense that makes us feel the weight of the mountain, feel the float of a cloud, feel the rhythmic reach of a tree, the hardness of a stone.”  Now look at this painting by Carlson.Winter in the Forest John F. Carlson                                           Winter Tranquility

Walter Launt Palmer (1854-1932) was encouraged to paint by his father who was an accomplished sculptor.  Walter began winning prizes as a teenager.  Living in New York, he became involved with the Hudson River School of painting, a nineteenth century group of romantic landscape artists, and he studied with Frederic Church.  Palmer created many of his paintings from memory.  He is known to have said, “Paint from memory if you can, from nature if you must.”  Perhaps this is why his paintings have an ethereal tonal quality to them.
Winter Shadows by Walter Launt Palmer 1854-1932

Kinderhook Creek Walter Launt Palmer 1854-1932





Winter Shadows              Kinderhook Creek                                                                                                          

Have you noticed all the different hues used to color the snow and atmosphere.

Two more.  Hendrik Avercamp painted during the “Little Ice Age” a time of extreme cold temperatures during the 1500 and 1600’s. He lived in Amsterdam and though he was mute, his watercolor tinted drawings sold well. Hendrick_Avercamp_-_Winter_Landscape_-_WGA1082Winter Landscape
I also love Childe Hassam’s (1859-1935) painting which was shown at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, November 2011. Frederick Childe Hassam painting of a winter street                                                             Snow in Winter

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