Artistic Lines from Joan Justis June 2015 Drawing With Water and Ink

Artistic Lines
from Joan Justis
June 2015

I discovered a creative media for drawing. It is filled with surprises and a natural beauty. Every age will enjoy it. You need food coloring or colored inks, an eye dropper, a drawing pen with a round tip nib, and a pad of calligraphy paper (it does not absorb the water). If you used colored inks a fountain works. Now watch this!


As you can see, that was done with colored inks and a fountain pen.

Water and ink painting of Koi fish
But this is done with food coloring and a drawing pen. I used a B-5 size nib. I needed two drops of food coloring to a half teaspoon of water. Use a foam egg carton to mix colors.

You can let a color dry before you apply water for the next color, or you can purposely let them run together creating special effects. You can sprinkle salt on the wet drawing to add texture. Try a sunset or a fish bowl or a flowering branch. Try design borders and patterns. Make your own stationery and greeting cards. Have fun!

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