Artistic Lines from Joan Justis January 2013 Paul Cezanne

Artistic Lines
from Joan Justis
January 2013

This is the first issue of my newsletter Artistic Lines. It will be issued the last Monday of every month. I look forward to sharing with you insights, discoveries, and information about art.
The last six months have been devoted to learning about html and CSS and what is behind a website. It’s been fun and challenging. I have much respect for web developers. They can never stop learning!
I inherited from my mother a collection of miniature teacups. Their delicate shapes have invited me from first ownership to paint them. This past week I created a watercolor. As I drew this little cup and saucer, I knew I wanted to show both the exquisite interior and the elegant outward form of the cup, so I decided to use the technique of Cezanne. This post-impressionist wanted to draw the true shape rather than the appearance that is affected by perspective, so his still-life objects seem to tip forward. A perfect solution. With the current trend in design using repeated patterns, I took the challenge to create a complimentary pattern to hold the teacup. I like the results and look forward to creating a new series with these little gems.

Picture of teacup with floral background

Grandmother’s Teacup Copyright 2012 Joan Justis All rights reserved

You may enjoy viewing the images of Paul Cezanne and reading a short biography. He is often considered to be the father of modern art. It has been said that Picasso and Matisse referred to him as “the father of us all”.

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