Choosing Palette Colors for A New Painting-Part I: Current Trend Colors: Art Tutorial Seven

What colors will your next painting need? What colors will portray your mental vision of this new work? There are several helpful actions that you can take.

studio palette
1) Are you concerned that your painting can be used with the current decorator colors? Color industry experts select the colors that will assault your eyes as you walk through store departments displaying clothing, linens, furniture, gift wrap, books, or interior paint. Every two years since 1915, the Color Association of the United States establishes the color trends that become a major part of our lives. Enjoy their website. The link is at the end of this post. It is very revealing. For a fee, you can become a member, and be informed at least a year ahead of the appearance of the new colors on the retail level. They also have a page displaying color palettes of the past.

2) Save pages from a current catalog, especially a page that shows color choices for linens or a piece of clothing.
3) Look at the furniture section of a catalog.
4) Walk through the greeting card department and notice the colored cards that divide the sections of card types.
5) Buy a card or wrapping paper that has the most current colors on it.
6) Look at color swatches in a paint department. Often a folder of current paint colors will be available. I always look at the date on the back to make certain that it is current.
Save your color collection from year to year. It is interesting to note the changes. Color usage has an interesting history.

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