Artistic Lines from Joan Justis June 2013 “Blue”

Artistic Lines
from Joan Justis
June 2013

Bear Country Trading Post When you go to Bear Lake take the time to visit the Bear Country Trading Post. It was built of logs and finished inside with lathed planks by the family that owns it. It is filled with beautiful handmade items. I am privileged to sell my small Bear Lake prints in this inviting shop. I like to walk around in it and soak up the creative vibes!

Blue is a summer sky color. There are so many choices of blue in pigments. From blue violet to blue green, blue colors inspire different emotions. I counted fifteen blues on the Daniel Smith Oil Colors Chart When I choose Cobalt Blue for the sky, the painting has a cool feeling. If I choose Cerulean Blue, the painting becomes warmer. French Ultramarine Blue mixes into rich violets and Thalo Blue is a powerful pigment. One of my favorite colors is Mediterranean Blue which I used along with Cobalt Blue in Winter Clouds Over Bear Lake. Cerulean can be seen in Summer Day on Bear Lake. This series is also available at Fuhriman’s Framing in Logan, Utah.

Karen Haller says that because blue signifies trust, integrity, and communication that Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have all used blue as their branding color. She displays the blue trademark of major companies that are quite familiar to us.…-meaning-of-blue/

Empower Yourself with Color Psychology reports that blue is the most universally liked color. As you think about looking into the blue sky or across the blue water, you realize why this site also says that blue promotes physical and mental relaxation, that it reduces stress and slows the metabolism. It also teaches that the lighter the color, the more freedom we feel, and the darker the color, the more authority we feel.

My DVD from The Great Courses goes into an interesting history of our perception of blue. Through research it has been discovered that blue fosters an open mind and encourages creative thinking, and that blue clothing conveys to others that we are peaceful and approachable. He discusses how to wear blue for a job interview and how to use it as a calming color in our environment. He presents the new scientific findings concerning blue in our lives. So interesting!

So try creating a blue picture or just doodle with blue crayons, watercolors, or colored pencils. How does it make you feel?

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