Artistic Lines from Joan Justis July 2015

Artistic Lines
from Joan Justis
July 2015


       Towards the end of summer new boxes of crayons are on display in the stores at sale prices. And as a first grade teacher I would label 26 boxes of delicious new crayons with the children’s names~always with a soft yearning for my own box.
Now I have discovered that it is alright to color again~as an adult! I was sent a video of Johanna Basford creating coloring books for adults. Parade magazine featured the hobby in their Sunday Magazine. Apparently it is calming, inexpensive and unmessy.
But for me~it’s the color. I love to lay down the colors thick and creamy into the shapes and watch the drawing become my own creation. And the names~carnation pink, dandelion, scarlet.

 Norse Animal Coloring Page

       So I created a coloring page for you! It is derived from my Norse heritage, but drawn with my imagination. Click on the image above, find some crayons and make it your own.
Would you like another coloring page?  Make a request below!

6 thoughts on “Artistic Lines from Joan Justis July 2015

  1. Katie

    Wow! That’s so much fun and I’m totally with you about the longing for your own box when those brand new crayons show up. There really is something marvelous about applying color to page and seeing what comes from it. But, this is where my coloring skill ends – adding color to a beautifully created coloring page. I’m so excited! 🙂


    Thanks for letting me on to this website! I especially love the picture to color. I read the
    Parade Magazine article and thought that would be something I could do. I really, really
    love my print. Can I come over sometime soon and see how yours is framed?

  3. Becky

    Loved the drawing and used it with four grand daughters one night this summer . . . as they colored they talked and visited as they had not seen each other for over a year . . . the colors were great and different with each child. I would LOVE to have more drawings like this. And the next time the girls are in town, I hope I can arrange a Studio visit for them to meet you. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!

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